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Back to the Church

Extract of Minutes of the Parochial Church Council

20th March 1981

The WI had done a project on pre-1900 tombstones and their verses. Mrs. Bramwell had made a record for our use and Miss Baker is now going to bring this record up to the present date so that we shall have a complete record.

13th July 1982

Miss W Baker produced the almost completed map of the Churchyard that she has completed with great help from Mrs. D. Bramwell and Miss Kathleen Radbourne. Our thanks go to all three for their most valuable work in making this record.

24th June 1985

A. Green asked for permission to put weedkiller on some of the kerbstone graves which were no longer attended. He also will make a list of the kerbstones that are in bad order, so that we can try and trace any relatives of the graves.

He also wanted moss killer treatment of the Churchyard but it was felt that, as this was an annual event, it would prove too costly. He is going to look into the costs.