Heating in the Church

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extracts of the Minutes of the Parochial Church Council

12th June 1958

Heating of the Church
It was generally felt that there was an urgency for something to be done to improve the heating for the winter. Mr. Dodd proposed that McClary's representative should be invited to come and inspect the boiler before other arrangements were made. The PCC members then discussed the advisability of either sealing off the belfry or fixing a curtain to eliminate the draught. Mr. Dodd was asked to look into this matter and report his suggestions at the next meeting

4th February 1959

The Rector Rev Lake, reported that the MEB had suggested Infra-Ray tubes rather than convector heaters as most suitable for heating the chancel. These had been fixed for the sum of £74/78. Progress had been made for closing in the belfry with a glass screen. The cost of this was to be paid by an anonymous donor. The PCC accepted this kind offer.

Annual General Meeting 7th April 1959

Due to the generosity of Mrs. Black, the widow of the late Churchwarden Mr. James Robertson Black, a screen in Oak and glass had been erected at the Belfry

6th April 1965

The new heating system has been installed. Although it has only been operating for a short time, it has proved very efficient. The cost of £1,180:15:0d has been honoured by payment from the Fabric Fund.