BBC Broadcast from the 1950s

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NOTABLE EVENTS AT CLIFFORD BBC broadcast of Morning Service at St. Helen's Church in the 1950's

Two broadcasts by the BBC Home Service were made at Clifford during the time of Canon Brookes' ministry, and both those times, those listening to the wireless (as it was then called) throughout the land on a Sunday morning, heard the announcer say “This morning's service is from the Church of St. Helen's at Clifford Chambers in Warwickshire. The service is led by Canon Meredith Brookes, and the organist is Miss Doris Dodd.”

Or words similar!

It is believed a recording of one of the services – probably the last service made in the 1950's – was handed to Miss Doris Dodd, and it is hoped one day, it will appear on this web site, for all to hear once again.