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Pastoral Measures 1968

Extract of Minutes of Parochial Church Council

20th March 1962

Pastoral committee
The Rector Rev Lake, extended a welcome to the Archdeacon, Mr. P. J. Davies, Diocesan Secretary and The Rural Dean, who were present to discuss the future of the Parish. The Archdeacon explained that, owing to the severe shortage of clergy, the Pastoral Committee has recently been re-organising Parishes. It was felt that the proximity of Clifford Chambers to Stratford-upon-Avon and Quinton would favour a linking up with the Coventry Diocese. He stressed that a good lead must be given by the Parishioners. Gloucester, up till now, has honoured the wishes of Clifford Chambers. The alternative idea is, that this Parish should be linked with Marston Sicca

Dr. Bramwell, as Chairman of the Lay Council, pointed out that difficulties would arise in combining with other parishes. There is a feeling that Clifford Chambers is an uneconomic parish, but the main reason to remain in Gloucester is sentiment We must be now certain that we know exactly what the plans of Covenanting will be. Mr. David added that the grant to Clifford Chambers is a very large one, but it is not an incumbrance.

The following resolutions were carried unanimously:-
1. That we should remain in the Diocese of Gloucester – proposed Dr. Bramwell, seconded Mrs. A. Green
2. If joined with anyone else in union or plurality – who? Proposed Mr. C. Richardson, seconded Mr. Dodd that it be Marston Sicca.

Glebe Cottage
The question about the sale of the Glebe Cottage was discussed. Mr. Davies recommended that it be sold, tenanted or untenanted. The PCC could give serious consideration to the advisability of using it,on the grounds to build a new Rectory

10th April 1969

The Rector, Rev Cecil Lake formerly announced to those present his intention to retire from the Benefice on 30th June. He awaited the sanction of his Pension which would be settled on 13th April, the notice of the vacancy would be in print. There was no possibility of linking up with Atherstone.

8th October 196?

At the Induction of Canon Patterson the Union of Clifford Chambers with Marston Sicca took place.

22nd September 1976

At a special meeting held at the Rectory, Canon Hawkins welcomed the Archdeacon who had come to speak to us on the Parochial Reorganisation which has become necessary due to limiting of manpower, inflation and economics. He explained that the Campden Deanery had to lose two men and the whole Diocese 25 men - which has to increase to the upper 30's by 1980.

This would mean that, as some people retire, they would not be replaced. It costs on average £3,500 to maintain a parson in a parish which includes stipends, homes, rents etc. 80% of this comes from the quota and the rest from the Church Commissioners.

He discussed how it has been thought about to our losing Long Marston and they go back to Pebworth, and our being linked with Welford – or perhaps, going into the Coventry Diocese.

Our options were not many. The general feeling was that we thought the scheme of joining Welford was not impossible to go along with, and if we had any preference, it is that we should keep the Rectory here occupied.

The Archdeacon thanked us, and will return with our ideas, but told us that we would probably not hear anything further until January or February next year.

13th January 1978

Pastoral Re-organization
Mr. Ulyatt reported on a Special Meeting held by the Synod on the Pastoral Reorganization, and we are being recommended to be linked with Welford and Weston with the parsonage at Welford. It was agreed by ourselves, that if our Rectory falls vacant, we should put pressure on Gloucester to sell without delay, because the Rectory would deteriorate if allowed to stand empty for long.

3rd April 1979

Mr. Ulyatt reported that at the Deanery Synod, discussion had been on the reductions in clergy. These are to be reduced from 235 to 169 in the Diocese. Campden Deanery to be reduced from 9 to 5. These figures should stand until 1985.

1st August 1979

Future of Rectory
Plans on a new Rectory are likely to be built at Welford and the new Rector will be installed there upon the retirement of our Rector,. The Churchwardens were instructed to write to the Secretary disagreeing strongly against this proposal, with copies to be sent to the Bishops of Gloucester and Tewkesbury and the Archdeacon of Cheltenham

20th September 1979

The Rector reported that the Bishops of Tewkesbury and the Archdeacon were very impressed with the meeting held with our Parochial Church Council on Friday 14th September when we pout forward our case to keep the Rectory at Clifford.

They then went on to meet Welford Parochial Church Council for their opinions, and we now await further developments

Dr. Bramwell has agreed to approach the Planning Department to find out what grade the Rectory is listed, and if listed too low, how to get it up-graded.

15th November 1979

Nothing heard officially, but the Rector reported that we should know something by the end of November. The Rectory is not listed grade 1, but grade 2*. It was decided to leave the upgrading until we know the Rectory's future.

22nd November 1979

Rev. Strong's new appointment to Nailsworth, Stroud, means we now link up with Welford/Weston. The Rector will stay on at Clifford Rectory. Decisions about the Rectory being at Welford will be announced later.

17th January 1980

The Diocese had decided that Clifford Rectory is to be retained. An Architect is to view it for the Diocese, with a view to restoring or modernising it.

6th May 1980

A full detailed plan has been sent to the Parsonage Board for modernization of the Rectory – which the Rector has seen – and he is bitterly opposed as not necessary. We await further comment from the Diocese

19th June 1980

The Pastoral Board met the Architect, and after much discussion most of the proposed modernization of the inside of the Rectory was dropped. But the Architect estimated cost for the outside renovations was in the region of £40/50,000. The matter of the Rectory will now come up for review, and we have been asked, together with the Welford and Weston PPC's to meet delegations from the Pastoral Committee, Parsonage Board, Glebe Committee, Church Commissioners, and the Diocesan Secretary. This meeting will be held at Welford Church on 18th July. The PCC will have a special meeting prior to this to discuss our action.

18th September 1980

Location of Rectory
Letters had been received from the Diocesan Secretary about the Rectory which shows that the Pastoral Committee will recommend that the Rectory should be at Welford when they meet on 17th September.

A letter is to be sent to Gloucester asking that we should be given a further opportunity to discuss our points as promised by them at the last meeting we had with them at Welford – before any further discussions were made

18th November 1980

The Rector had written to the Parsonage Board after our last meeting, and was immediately contacted by phone by the Diocesan Secretary who stated no decision had been made – nor would be before the next meeting of the Pastoral Committee due to take place at the end of November.

After hearing of the Committee of the Board exploring possibilities of building at Welford, it was agreed that a further letter should be forwarded asking that “as they were exploring all possibilities for rebuilding a Rectory at Welford, they should also explore the possibilities of rebuilding of Clifford Rectory. The Rector will write this.

22nd January 1981

Planning has been given for a new Rectory building at Welford. A special meeting of the three PCC's and the Diocesan Pastoral Committee will be held on 10th February at our village hall at 7.15pm

20th March 1981

A full report of the special meeting had been received from the Diocesan Secretary, but no formal answer had been made by the Bishop, but it looks certain that the Rectory will be at Welford.

It was pointed out that the Rector should inform the Diocesan Secretary that we do not own the Parish Hall; that it belongs to the Diocesan Commissioners and we act as agents.

22nd April 1981

We have now received a formal letter stating that the Rectory will be built at Welford. We have been asked to let Gloucester know what we want doing to the Hall.

It was decided that we should ask Gloucester if we can employ our own Architect to do our alterations and send our plans to them for them to decide how much they will then be prepared to allow us towards the cost.

It was also agreed to ask Gloucester if a cloakroom could be added to the Vestry in the Church.

10th November 1981

The Rector had formally sent in his resignation to the Bishop as from the end of July.