Mrs Rees-Mogg

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Memories of Mrs Rees-Mogg - Maisie Wilks

We were never allowed to forget that Mrs. Rees-Mogg was the Lady of the Manor. We always had to bob a curtsey when she came down the village, or to Church, or to the School, but she was kind to us children. We had Church parties at Christmas and May Day parties, and Sunday School parties, all at The Manor. We, of course, were always on our best behaviour – please and thank you’s, and no running around.

We used to swim in the river at the back of The Old Mill and she had steps made into the river for us. This was where we children learnt to swim and when we were really good at it, we swam from the floodgates round to the shallow part of the river.

The Old Mill was full of all sorts of things then, and we got into the Mill from the buttress at the back, and through a window. Upstairs we found chinese furniture and lanterns, and we made a den there. One day though, on our way out through the window, Mrs. Rees-Moggshe stood there, and gave us a dressing down. I shall never forget – but she never told our parents though we lived in fear that she would. She always seemed to be dressed in black, and always wore a hat.