Straightening of County Boundaries

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Straightening of County Boundaries

When the Church at Atherstone-on-Stour no longer had a Vicar, Canon Brooks had taken over the responsibility of serving there as well as Clifford Chambers.

When, sometime after 1931, County boundaries were straightened, the 'finger' of Gloucestershire protruding into Warwickshire (which included, among others, Atherstone and Preston, and Clifford Chambers Parishes) then became part of the County of Warwickshire. The Parishes of Preston-on-Stour and Atherstone-on-Stour, happily moved into the Coventry Diocese.

Clifford elected to stay in the Diocese of Gloucester. (I was told that this was the desire of Mrs. Rees-Mogg who was a great friend of the Bishop of Gloucester – and after her death, everyone wished to respect her wishes)

This presented problems to the Rev Cecil Lake who took over, after the sudden death of Rev. Philip Brown, as he then found himself serving under two Bishops with all the additional paperwork involved.

There were even more problems regarding the school building and also the Recreation Ground with regard to this situation of being in the Diocese of Gloucester, yet in the County of Warwick!)

Extract of Minutes

regarding the change-over from Atherstone to Marston Sicca

9th February 1956

A very largely-attended meeting of the PCC was held in the Rectory by the kind invitation of Mrs. Brown.

Mr. Steele was in the chair and asked all members to stand in silence for a few moments in memory of their late Rector, the Rev Philip Brown who, in a few months had won the esteem and affection of all his parishioners. The meeting then opened with prayer, and the Secretary Mrs, Mettors read the Minutes of the last meeting which were confirmed.

Mr. Mettors read a most grateful letter from Mrs. Brown and her family thanking the members of the PCC for the “help, sympathy and prayers bestowed upon them in their great sorrow”.

The appointment to the benefice was next brought forward and after some discussion, it was decided on the proposition of Dr. Bramwell, seconded by Ms. Mettors that a Resolution should be sent to the Bishop and the Board of Patronage, reminding them of the “needs and...??....of the Parish”.

Union of Clifford and Atherstone

Mr. Reece spoke of the meeting at Atherstone-on-Stour on 18th February which was attended by the Archdeacons of Gloucester and Warwick – the former advocating the union of the benefice of Clifford and Atherstone; the other agreed, if Clifford was moved into the diocese of Coventry – which idea was strongly opposed by the Clifford representatives.

10th October 1956

The Rector Rev Cecil Lake stated that he had had an interview with the Bishop of Coventry in connection with Atherstone who suggested delaying the Institution in view of a new revision of boundaries which is to take place