Tenants at No 8

From Clifford Chambers
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Mrs. Rees Mogg, deciding that as they were employing 'The Best' to look after their cattle, it would be a Good Idea if she sought also 'The Best' for the Manor Garden, and she hired Mr. Hebburn. He was given No. 8 to live in.

Diggie Salmon who, from early childhood loved gardening and lived it, did not have the qualifications that Mr. Hebburn had! When Mr. Hebburn took over, Diggie was no longer Head Gardener, but Under-Gardener, and his 'work' was the basement heater at The Lodge and the garden there. (Maurice Woodfield remembers Diggie with fondness – especially Diggie's nickname for him - “Roger Raymond Jessie”!)

When I arrived in the village, the Harris family had moved in after, first of all, spending their early years of their marriage lodging in Sister Hawkins house. Betty came from a village family; her grandparents living and working at The Hollies, and her parents living at No. 21 - for Betty's maiden name was Bailey.