The Coal Club

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The coal club was started against the wishes of the Charity Trustees who threatened prosecution! Presumably the then Trustees of our village charities did not like the villagers being in charge! The money was for coal club members only, who put a monthly contribution into the club.

In 1889, six labourers made an objection to the Charity Trustees, stating that the really poor could not afford to make a monthly contribution, and therefore shivered all winter with no coal to keep them warm. This time, the Charity Trustees changed their tune. Realising that, through the coal club they could help these people, they offered financial support to the club and it was accepted.

William Salmon

Mr. Pickles Salmon had charge of the coal club in the early 1900’s. Once a month, people came to him to pay their contribution towards coal. The usual amount was half-a-crown, but it did mean there was no worry over coal bills. As soon as the cold weather arrived, so did the coal – distributed as to the number of people in each house, so those with plenty of children also had plenty of coal.